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Vitamix-S30In this individualized world – it seems like everything is getting smaller, more efficient and more personal and we finally have the option of purchasing a personal blender worth owning (sorry Nutribullet owners).

Vitamix have just launched their S30 – a blender designed in a compact manner that allows you to take it anywhere. Business trips, and weekend getaways no longer need to be restaurant induced binges, breaking weeks of healthy eating. The S30 Vitamix is small enough to take in your carry-on, yet powerful enough to blend whatever you would normally have at home.

A quick look at the specifications shows you that it is nearly 30% smaller than other blenders yet it packs an impressive 790 watt motor. It also comes with two containers for blending – 20 oz and 40 oz, variable speed control, pulse, magnetic interlock system, and quiet operation. Like all Vitamix blenders, the S30 is easy to clean, made in the USA, and covered by their famous five year warranty. The S30 is small and by the looks of the specs, Vitamix isn’t asking us to compromise big blender quality in favor of a more personal blender.

We’ve been cranking out soups and smoothies on this little powerhouse, so let’s get to the good stuff.

What do I like about the Vitamix S30?

The size is a definite plus – it is easy to pack and will not weigh you down. Even if you do not travel but have limited kitchen space then this blender is for you. In fact it is ideal for our family to take on road trips – we can make our favorite smoothies to balance out the vacation diet. No more, “I can’t wait to get home and have a green smoothie” talk!

The Vitamix comes with two easy to clean containers – this is huge, in a personal blender kind of way. The 20 oz personal container is double-walled for insulation and keeps the contents warm or cold for a surprisingly long time. The container has an easy carry handle and a “to go” lid that is so well-designed that Anna is not ashamed to carry it around. The 40 oz container is big enough to handle larger recipes and really adds to the versatility of the S30.

The 790 watt motor is not the most powerful around, but it is more than adequate: provided that you do not over fill the container, you will not have sticking problems. Our go to green smoothie recipe is high on fiber. The S30 had not problem liquifying everything we threw at it. It wouldn’t be a Vitamix without their patented tamper. Included with the S30 is a tamper that fits the 40 oz container.

Vitamix enhances the experience with great resources and a solid 5 year warranty. The S30comes with a helpful “how to layer” chart and a great recipe book which takes away the angst of the first time user. The Vitamix website has great user tips and is always adding new recipes and guides to help their product users.

What do I not like about the Vitamix s30? 

Unfortunately, it only comes in black – not terrible and certainly not a deal breaker, but we like to see options that fit every kitchen.

The great containers do not fit on other Vitamix blenders – it would really be nice if these were all compatible. The 20 oz is especially handy and a unique container in the Vitamix line.

It would also have been a nice touch if the s30 came with two of the 20 oz personal containers – guess I will just have to order an extra one! In fact if you are going to buy the Vitamix s30, order an extra 20 oz container up front – you will use it!

Blenders are not cheap and at $400 the Vitamix is at the upper end of the price scale. However, buy quality and buy once; buy cheap and you will buy again!

Would I buy one?

Most definitely. The price is fair and the product does everything that you would expect it to do. In fact the Vitamix S30 is a great first blender purchase – a good investment even if you decide to go big and upgrade in a few years. This blender will still remain a favorite with your kids – so much so that when they leave home you had better check their luggage as it will no doubt be tucked away in one of their cases. In fact this blender makes a great leaving home or wedding gift – a lot better than the toasters that I was given!

The product has just been launched and is available as an online purchase through the company website www.vitamix.com – use promo code 06-008924 at checkout to receive $25 off with free shipping.


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  1. Geri

    May 7, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    Looks awesome! Too bad it is $400. That seems like a lot for a small blender.

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